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For many years now, CEF has also been helping families save for their future education expenses. Building on both of these long-standing traditions, CEF is offering a special promotional interest rate for a 5-year fixed rate note to K-12 students currently enrolled in a Michigan District Lutheran School. The Promotional fixed rate note represents a unique way for families to plan ahead in order to provide their children with a Lutheran education.

The Lutheran Education 5-Year Fixed Rate Note is a designated savings product offered by CEF for families who send their children to a Lutheran school in the Michigan District. The Lutheran Education 5-Year Note provides an incentive to invest with CEF to save for their children’s Lutheran education and “Make the Priceless Possible.” Most of all, your investment facilitates an additional


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New Hope Hudsonville Expansion
November 01, 2017


On Sunday, June 18, 2017, members of New Hope Lutheran Church in Hudsonville  broke ground for their new expansion at the end of their worship service! They have needed this extra space for some time now and with the help of a CEF loan, dreams are becoming reality. Construction should be completed sometime toward the end of Fall.

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