Lutheran Education 5-Year Fixed Rate Note

Lutheran Education 5-Year Fixed Rate Note

• For the 2017-18 school year, CEF  will provide a special promotional rate for Michigan Lutheran School students currently enrolled in grades K-12 when they open a new 5-Year Fixed Rate Note.

• CEF is offering a promotional interest rate of 4% over their current published interest rate on a 5-Year Fixed Rate Note.

• This promotional note is only available during the September 2017-June 2018 school year.

• Minimum investment of $100 with a maximum investment of $1,000.

• The interest rate is fixed for 5 years.

• No additions to the account will be accepted.

• At the end of the 5 year term, the note reverts to the existing interest rate for CEF 5-Year Fixed Rate Notes.

• A Lutheran Education 5-Year Fixed Rate Note application with a valid e-mail is required.

• You will receive a certification of your investment.

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(Application on Page 2, right side column)

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