CEF Endowment Fund

When Church Extension Fund established its Endowment Fund it was done in response to the growing number of mission-minded investors and others who wished to demonstrate a greater role in perpetuating the ministry of Church Extension through gifts and bequests.

We urge you to consider the mission of your own church, the Michigan District, the organizations and agencies of our Synod, as well as the Church Extension Endowment Fund when structuring your own Will and distribution of your estate. Rest assured that your gift will indeed serve as a Christian connection to all present and future generations of Michigan Lutherans.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Michigan District Church Extension Fund?

The Michigan District Church Extension Fund is a ministry which facilitates the partnership between investors and Michigan District congregations in expanding the kingdom. It is a savings fund for investors and a loan fund from which congregations in the Michigan District can borrow for property and/or facilities These funds are also used for the purchase of new mission sites.

Who Can Make an Investment in the Michigan Church Extension Fund?

The offer and sale of notes is limited to states where authorized to do so. Refer to our current Offering Circular to determine who can become an investor.

How does CEF use my money?

Invested dollars are used first to fund mortgages which support the expansion of LCMS churches and other ministries throughout the Michigan District.  Remaining cash reserves are invested primarily in Government Agencies securities, CDs, notes and highly rated Corporate Bonds.

How often are investment interest rates set?

Investment interest rates are set monthly based on regional and national rates published by the Bank Rate Monitor™. You can call our 24/7 Interest Rate Line at 800-232-7313 for current rates.

Will the interest rate go up if I increase the principal amount invested?

Interest rates on Church Extension Fund Term Notes are determined by the time period of the investment, not on the dollar amount invested.  CEF does offer investment product with rates that are tiered based on dollar amounts such as the Dedicated Savings Accounts and ExtensionPlus, a money market-like account

What is the difference between Lutheran Church Extension Fund and the Michigan District Extension Fund?

The Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is headquartered in St Louis, Missouri and is Synod’s Church Extension Fund.  The Michigan Church Extension Fund (CEF) is the main source of Capital Funding for the Michigan District since 1901 and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.