What Your Will or Trust Reveals
January 01, 2017

What Your Will or Trust Reveals about You


We have all heard the story.  Mom or Dad have passed away but never took the time to make their thoughts known by writing a Will.  But now you have to deal with the aftermath.  Picture yourself in charge of their affairs or remember your real life nightmare.  How should things get divided?  Did everyone agree on who should get what items?  Were you questioned about how you were handling things?

The frustration mounts but finally you complete the task.  You are determined not to put your kids through that!  Writing your Will or Revocable Trust says a lot about who you are.

Number one, it shows you care.  You don’t want to leave your family scrambling to handle the distribution of your estate.  Having a well thought out Christian Will or Revocable Living Trust should make it easier for them to handle legal matters regarding the transfer of your property.

All of your assets will go to family.  It will go either to your earthly family, God’s family or Uncle Sam.  You get to decide how you want God’s Gifts to you distributed when you go home. Your plans may alter the percentages that go to each of those families.

Secondly, writing your Will or Revocable Living Trust means you sought to conserve your Estate.  Designating where assets/keepsakes go and who will be your Personal Representative or Successor Trustee can help reduce Probate costs and taxes. While leaving IRA assets to your children is nice, it results in income taxes for them when they take distributions.  Gifting IRA assets to Ministry passes tax free.

Third, your plan provides insights into the things that were most important to you.  Bequests to family express your love and concern for them.  Gifts to your favorite ministries show how important they were in your life.  Your continued support affirms your belief in the mission of those ministries and your desire to help them spread the great news of God’s forgiving grace.  Did you know that if you haven’t included a Ministry Gift as part of your Estate Plan, there is no provision in Michigan Probate Law that allows you to make that Legacy Gift from your estate after you get the best gift, Heaven?

Make your thoughts known.  Write your Will or Revocable Living Trust now.  If you already have yours in place, make sure it communicates the messages you want heard. Do it today!

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