How is Church Extension Fund serving congregations these challenging times?
February 01, 2017

Mainline Protestant churches everywhere are declining. The pews are emptier on Sunday morning. Neighborhoods have changed.  Once proud buildings show signs of wear and tear, and the cost to maintain them pulls money away from outreach and ministry. Decline does not necessarily mean your congregation will close. But the old mission and vision – the one that worked 30, 50, or even 100 years ago– no longer fits your circumstances.  It may be time to ask, “What is God calling us to do?”

Church Extension Fund today offers these congregations a fresh start by using their assessment tool service called “New Beginnings.”

New Beginnings assesses a congregation’s strengths and challenges as it seeks to redevelop its ministry. The goal of the process is to put the congregation on the road to sustainable Christian witness and action within its community. The New Beginnings assessment and follow-up training provides church’s leaders and members a realistic picture of your resources for ministry, demographic strengths, readiness for change, and potential for vital ministry.  Find out more by visiting

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